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IMO-Consalt Web Solution

  • English (United Kingdom)
  • Croatian(HR)
  • Making up to 5 web pages
  • Disk space 50 MB
  • Free domain name for the first year
  • Free Start Midi hosting
  • Price: 199 Eur
  • Making up to 10 web pages
  • Disk space 100 MB
  • Free domain name for the first year
  • Free Pro Midi hosting
  • Price: 339 Eur
  • Making up to 15 web pages
  • Disk space up to 200 MB
  • Free domain name for two years
  • Free Premium hosting
  • Price: 469 Eur

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IMO-CONSALT Web Solution

Web site design & Web hosting

Web pages are no longer just a means of promotion and are increasingly becoming a tool of business. It is therefore important in real-time update information and news on the company or on the web to introduce new products, and allow potential customers to take delivery of these products and pay online.

IMO-Consalt Web design

For this purpose, we adapted the content management system "IMO-Consalt Web Solution" application, based on the Joomla 1.5 Framework, which allows you to change the entire contents of a web page through a secure administration system.

IMO-CONSALT Web Solution is a web application that is through the installation of additional components can extend the functionality of your website.

If you want to install a forum, gallery or something else, it is sufficient to allow administration of appropriate components, and adjust the parameters to suit your needs.



Some of the features are:

  •  Support for multiple content authors
  •  Approval of content prior to publication
  •  Start and end of posting content on a predefined date
  •  Input static (uncategorized) content
  •  Archiving older content with the ability to extract
  •  The possibility of evaluating the content
  •  Loading external page using Wrapper Components
  •  Support for visual editors
  •  Upload files for easy use on site
  •  Organisation of content into sections and categories
  •  URLs for Search Engines
  •  Advanced Administration System
  •  Support for multiple administrators and / or moderator
  •  Grouping users by access level
  •  Localizing the user interface and administration
  •  Caching mechanism for better performance in high-traffic sites
  •  Creating a simple survey
  •  Manage deleted temporary facilities (such as the Recycle Bin)
  •  Posting ads with Banner Components
  •  Advanced installation of additional elements
  •  Advanced System web help
  •  Development of custom solutions